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“Humans are not horses”, Daniel Pink proclaims to an engrossed audience during his popular TED talk “What Really Motivates Workers”.

On stage and in his famous book “Drive”, Pink explains the differences between algorithmic and heuristic tasks and concludes that workers need different motivations for different types of tasks. He asserts that humans tend to thrive naturally in work environments where the majority of tasks are heuristic, and thus require fewer incentives.

In other words, when employees are freed from monotonous administrative duties and allowed to work on their own with the purpose of solving a problem, their natural satisfaction is higher. They require fewer incentives and are generally more productive.  So while the fact that humans are more productive in environments where they are predominantly required to think is not surprising, the number of companies who have not yet discovered CRM is. The right CRM system can eliminate a number of algorithmic tasks from the workplace. Below is a list of 5 tasks businesses are doing manually that can be eliminated by a CRM system:

Think Teams
Instead of managers manually assigning and sending tasks to their teams (which could require multiple emails and data duplication), they can quickly assign clients to team members in the CRM system with the click of a button.

Automatic Reporting
For businesses tracking sales and leads, the integrated reporting systems within CRM can automatically generate reports that would have either had to be entered manually or individually generated.

Eliminate Duplication
A CRM system centralizes and stores templates that companies use on a regular basis for easy access, which eliminates the need for duplication or re-entry of these templates.

Share, and Share Some More
A CRM allows for client information to be shared across all levels at all times, including important stats like client history. This eliminates the need for data duplication and cuts out the need for multiple communications regarding the same information.

Social Media Superpowers
With the dominance of the virtual marketplace, companies are increasingly using various forms of social media to keep in touch with clients. It can be tedious to update mailing lists and gather content for a newsletter, which a CRM can do automatically. A good CRM can be pre-scheduled to create and deploy marketing campaigns and newsletters.

So the question for companies without a CRM system is why waste valuable time on administrative tasks when a computer can do them for you? Not only will your employees be able to spend more time doing the work that really matters to them (and you!), they will be happier and maybe even feel less horse-like too.

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