Catch the Web Wave

Way back in 1999, the web was much less crowded than it is now.

Google had just began it’s climb to the public eye, and Facebook was still a few years away from being launched. The web was quickly becoming more and more commonplace for connection and commerce. There was a feeling that the web sphere could have unmatched potential for growth and success for businesses.

Todd saw that potential. Taking his passion for the web to the world, it was the companies biggest goal to introduce as many businesses as possible to the wonders of the Internet. After a lot of hard work, he was fortunate enough to sell his company in 2012 to a publicly traded company.

A Few Years Later…

In 2013 after a few years and some battle scars, Todd was ready for his next venture.
Todd and a few other industry veterans formed a new company – EnvisionUP.

Instead of being all things to all people, the focus was on three types of clients:

Why Those Three?

EnvisionUP worked with a lot of different industries in the previous 13 years – our sales reps used to use the Yellow Pages as a rolodex!

Industries have different needs. EnvisionUP wanted to know their industries in a way most companies didn’t. That level of knowledge and skill can’t happen without narrowing the scope.

To succeed we knew we needed to niche down to ones which we felt the deepest connection.

The EnvisionUP Team

A Digital Company for a Digital Landscape

Today our team is located across Canada. With staff in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton, we are proud to serve and work across North America. With a fully remote system, employees can work from home and provide their skillset to the company without any postal code restriction. This means EnvisionUP can access top talent Canada-wide, and are continually expanding without limitation.