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We combine unrelenting passion with unmatched technical prowess and inspiring artistry for all your online marketing needs.

The EnvisionUP Story

Way back in 1999, the web was much less crowded than it is now. Todd (our founder) had started a web design business. He had just learned about this new search engine called Google, and Facebook was still a few years away from being launched. But Todd saw the potential, and was determined to introduce as many businesses as he could to the wonders of the Internet. After a lot of hard work, he was fortunate enough to sell his company in 2012 to a publicly traded company.

But Todd wasn’t satisfied with just building websites. He wanted to do more, and make a real difference for his clients.

So after 12+ years he left the web design business in 2013, and convinced a few web veterans to follow him to his new Internet marketing venture, EnvisionUP.

According to Todd, the old ways of web design weren’t working for him anymore. “I wanted to be more involved in the success of my client’s organizations. But also wanted to work with good people – not just anyone. I wanted to get out of making widgets and instead make a real difference.” And so our EnvisionUP story began.

We felt that we really excelled the most while serving two types of industries:

  • Home Service Businesses. HVAC companies, plumbers, home decor and other home service providers.
  • Charities and Not-For-Profits. Think charities don’t care about websites that convert? Think again. These organizations live on donations and new volunteers, and EnvisionUP delivers.

Been There, Done That.

While the EnvisionUP story is fairly new, our real story started many years ago. Our team of web veterans have literally seen it all and have the battle scars to prove it. We’ve helped businesses make millions off of their websites, rescued sites that tanked on Google, and even fixed sites that have been hacked.

Unfortunately our profession is filled with pseudo experts who rely heavily on second-hand teaching and advice obtained from blog posts. That’s not us. As web veterans, we bring a unique level of experience to the table and a level of strategic advice very few companies would be able to match.

We believe we should always be learning and teaching. We learn from what’s changing, what’s been tried and what the smart people are saying. Whether it’s SEO, coding, design, mobile, social media, Google Analytics, or data analysis, there’s always more to understand. We are both students and teachers.

EnvisionUP was created out of a desire to be more than your average Internet marketing company, and that’s exactly what we’ve become for our clients.

Our Core Values

We firmly believe in our core values and actively practice them each and every day in all aspects of our work.

Always Be Learning

We strive for continuous improvement, and are constantly educating ourselves on new material, certifications and skills.

Be Real. Have Fun. Don’t Be A Robot.

Be yourself, and enjoy your work. Everyone does things a little differently, and that is more than okay.

Do More With Less

Our company is small but mighty, meaning we have to use our time efficiently. We are constantly using tools and tricks of the trade to get the most for our clients.

Succeed As A Team

We’re stronger when we work together. Our team is in constant communication with each other, and every project has a small army behind it.

Think Like A Client

It’s all about understanding the clients wants and needs. Our team practices empathetic thinking 24/7, so that we deliver on our clients’ goals.

Certifications & Partnerships

Accredited Business
Wordpress Certification
Registered Graphic Designer
Umbraco Certified
Hubspot Inbound Certification
Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
Google Partner Specialists

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