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Your Time Matters.

The last thing you need is a good-looking website that doesn’t perform. Your WordPress website is crucial to your business or organization, and you can’t afford to simply “set it and forget it”—you need to provide relevant, up-to-date content for your visitors.

Your time matters. You don’t have hours to spend figuring out how to stay on top of your website. Nor do you want to try and manage an internal team to do it for you.

You want to leave these tasks in the capable hands of those who live and breathe WordPress, not someone who will bill you for hours of their own research while they figure things out.

You want a reliable team who has your back and will be there when you need them, not an outsourced freelancer juggling too many clients.

Most of all, you want a trusted partner—one who simply gets things done without you having to spare a second thought.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services

We’ve built and managed hundreds of WordPress websites. You’ll be in good hands with our Canadian WordPress experts.

  • Flexible time packages to suit your needs
  • 100% Canadian team distributed across the country
  • Dedicated support contact so you know exactly who to talk to
  • Expert WordPress coders who will customize your site
  • Content management & design that takes the pressure off 
  • Plug-in install and updates to keep your site safe & secure
  • Speed optimization for peak performance
  • WordPress troubleshooting so you never have to deal with issues alone
  • Quick turnaround will get you up and running fast

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Why Is WordPress Maintenance Important?

Some of the world’s top websites run on WordPress. User-friendly and easy to use, it can be customized to allow for no limits on your creativity.

90% of WordPress Vulnerabilities are Outdated Plugins
53% Mobile Visitors Leave a Site Slower than 3 seconds
4.42% Drop for Each Second of Load Time

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An EnvisionUP WordPress expert will respond within one business day or less with the next steps.

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