The Challenge

McIntosh Perry is an award-winning consulting firm with more than seven decades of experience in all facets of engineering.

As the company has grown to become an international, multi-disciplinary engineering firm, its goal has always been the same: finding innovative solutions to any challenge, big or small.

When McIntosh Perry and BLN—two industry-leading firms—joined forces, McIntosh Perry needed a website overhaul to support their new business venture.

A new fresh website allowed them to cater to multiple markets, buyer types and new hires.

The new site had to adapt and grow with McIntosh Perry while being flexible enough to adjust to future expansions.

The Solution

Cohesive, streamlined website design with multiple entry points for all types of users.

We worked closely with the McIntosh Perry team to fully understand their business goals, as well as their frustrations with the current site. 

  • We realigned the current structure to make it easier for potential clients to get the information they need. 
  • We created new pages that showcased work and projects that were not on the original site.
  • We reorganised information and CTAs to solidify their connection with BLN.

The Results

The new McIntosh Perry website is a sleek, modern update that highlights the many industries and verticals they work with. With prominent case studies, an update feed, and crystal-clear calls to action, the homepage easily allows their users to find what they’re looking for.

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