Closeup of Laurysen vanity install project with dark cabinets and light countertops.

The Challenge

Laurysen is a family owned and operated business that’s been creating award-winning cabinetry for over 50 years. Laurysen is involved in every stage, from design, crafting, manufacturing, and installation.

Since the pandemic, Laurysen noticed the buying behaviours of prospective customers changed. Traditionally, prospects would navigate the site and then book an in-person meeting at Laurysen’s showroom. Now more comfortable doing online research, people were looking to do their legwork online beforehand.

Transforming the buying experience

While the Laurysen website had tons of great information on their products and services for customers who were ready to purchase, it lacked the content needed to provide value for prospects who were at the beginning of the buyer’s journey.

The Laurysen website needed to adapt so they didn’t miss out on an entire section of their market.

The Solution

An image-focused site that provides great user experience for customers, prospects, and staff.

We conducted client surveys and research to determine the pain points of undecided buyers. We found that people were getting confused with how the image galleries were organized and arranged, which meant they couldn’t find the inspiration they were looking for.

But by far the products section was the biggest issue; while the website featured a huge amount of options, they were named and labelled with the Laurysen staff in mind, not the customers. Not only could people not find what they were looking for (or simply browse around), but at the same time they were deluged with options. This left people confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

The Results

We were able to create a site that creates a seamless user experience for all.

Laurysen’s new website offers clear jumping-off points, gallery categories organized by room or product, and a searchable, filtered product gallery.

The Results

By mapping out the journey for current and potential customers, as well as designers and distributors, we were able to create a site that creates a seamless user experience for all.

The design puts gallery images front and centre, and better categorization and structure allows for users to quickly filter for what they’re looking for. Products were pared down and renamed, to show what customers were actually looking for and allow them to properly research their options.

We also developed a more robust bio section for Laurysen’s designers, showcasing their work and expertise in the industry. This allows the potential buyer to make connections with the team, research their past projects, and makes the decision about hiring them much easier.

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