Guide dogs, Labrador Retrievers. One black and one tan, 7 and 2 years old, in park

The Challenge

The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) comprises 95 member organizations whose purpose is to train and provide Guide Dogs to people around the world who are blind or have low vision. 

IGDF reached out to EnvisionUP to help build an accessible website for its members around the world. Their goal was to become a central resource for the guide dog community, but ironically, their website was not fully accessible or AODA compliant to some of their target audience.

The site’s users needed to use screen readers or other accessibility solutions in order to browse the internet. One of the main resources, an external members-only wiki, was open to the public and not login-access only. It was also becoming outdated due to the difficulties staff had in managing the external resource.

The Solution

A fully-tested, easy-to-use, and accessible resource hub for the guide dog community.

Working with an international Accessibility team that was dispersed around Australia, England, France, and Canada, we built a WordPress website that allows members—as well as the general public—to access information and resources.

  • The site was tested thoroughly and greenlit by actual users of screen readers.
  • We moved the information repository back to the main website, and limited its access to members only.
  • To help modernize the IGDF, we did a brand and logo refresh that was much easier to read.

The Results

With a refreshing new website built with its target audience in mind, the IGDF has seen plenty of positive results. People are staying on the site for twice as long, and are engaging with the content more than ever. Users are no longer struggling to find the information they need, and can easily navigate through the site structure no matter what, if any, accessibility tools they use.

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