Spring is finally here (except if you live in Ottawa)! Flowers are starting to come out, the weather is sunny, and it’s a perfect time to do a clean up.

While you’re cleaning out all the mystery items you’ve been stuffing in the drawer all winter, why not add a reassessment of your website to your spring clean up list?

Here are five quick tests you can do kickstart the spring website cleaning season.

1. The Speed Test

Google recommends that you ensure your website runs quickly, and it even rewards faster loading websites with better rankings. You can try the speed test here. This handy tool will even give you instructions on what to fix (although some people may want to pass them along to their web developers).

2. Broken Link Test

Sometimes website editors make a mistake or a web page address changes, and links end up going nowhere. You should check for broken links in your website content on a regular basis – a search engine optimization audit can help with this. Your visitors will thank you for it. Here is a free tool to do this.

3. Do a ROT Clean Up

ROT stands for Redundant, Outdated or Trivial content. We recommend our clients do ROT content clean-up before a new website build, but why not make it part of your spring cleaning ritual?

4. Google Ranking Test

Google yourself and your business name. Are you showing where you expect? If not, it may be time to start engaging in Search Engine Optimization to get you back in the rankings. Maybe you’ve been hit by one of Google’s penalties. If you want to dig deeper – you can use this tool too.

5. Compare Against Last Year

If you have Google Analytics installed, you should take a look at your annual visitor traffic and compare it against last year. Did it improve or get worse? Did you see any trends? Are some pages experiencing big drops? Here is how to compare the results for two dates in Google Analytics.

Spring is the perfect time for you to do a refresh and then have someone maintain your WordPress website. You’ll get a site that ranks better, works better for your users, and works better for your business goals (like building your sales pipeline). These five quick tests can provide you with some insight into what changes or updates need to be made.

As always, if you have any questions or feel you are in over your head, give us a call!

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