It’s no secret that customers are using mobile devices more than ever. As of May 2015, more searches happened on phones and tablets than on desktop computers. Since then mobile has continued to grow, and is expected to keep growing.

With millions of mobile sites sites online, standing out has become harder too. Now that the average human attention span has dropped below that of a goldfish, sites have to be perfectly tailored to searcher needs in order to make an impact.

But whether you’re a business or a not for profit, it’s essential that your site ranks well, loads fast, and looks good on mobile. Most importantly, it has to be easy to use, or you’ll lose conversions that should be yours.

Testing Our Ability to Adapt to Change

While EnvisionUP has been making responsive sites for years, we wanted to make sure our sites serve your markets as effectively as possible.

When Google launched a new Mobile Sites Certification in April, we were on it right away. We were excited to ensure our developers and SEO staff really know what works and what doesn’t for mobile.

EnvisionUP President Todd Jamieson explains why he was so excited when the certification was announced.

“Since Google announced mobile-first indexing last fall, I’ve been helping our clients understand that just because a site ranks well on desktop, that doesn’t mean it ranks well on mobile,” he says.

“And any time the creator of the entire internet database offers a certification on how things should be done, it’s important to listen.”

Proven Expertise

For some of our developers, the certification served to validate knowledge they’ve worked hard to gain over the years.

“A lot of it wasn’t new because I’ve been a mobile-first developer for years,” said Jeremiah Lovell. “If you do a lot of mobile work you run into these things, and you keep up on the technology and optimization practices. But it’s good to know that I’ve been following the right path. I’m also excited for some of the changes that are going to be happening in the future.”

So far our core technical staff are all certified, but our designers and support staff will also be certified in the coming weeks.

A Google Mobile Sites certification can only be earned after going through the course and passing the exam. Because technology changes, the certification is only valid for a year – then you have to recertify.

Knowledge is Power

As a Google Partner, we’re huge fans of continuous learning. It’s so important that we made it one of our core values.

As a result, whether we’re working on a new website build or doing SEO for one of our marketing plan clients, our clients always get the benefit of the latest insights.

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