The Marketing department has a promotion it needs to showcase.

Human Resources has a career it needs filled right away. The Customer Support team has just created a new patch, and they all need it to be a main focus on the website. Which one wins?

Oddly enough, they all need to be on the home page, above the screen “fold”, and should be the first thing someone sees.

Sound like a familiar problem? You are not alone. Websites are the primary communication medium for most businesses today, but we forget a website, just like other mediums, has restrictions.

So how do we keep Sue from Marketing, Mohammed from HR, and Jeff in Customer Support happy, all at once?

It’s not easy, but software User Interface (UI) experts have been using it for years. It’s called developing personas. Alan Cooper popularized the use of personas in software many years ago and now it is an important part of a User Experience (UX) expert’s toolkit, the development of personas help us predict what our users will do, so we can make logical decisions on colors, imagery, wording and navigation.

When is the last time you mapped out your user’s needs and wants?

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