A shocking 91% percent of Canadians are smartphone users. (This number is even higher in the United States.) That’s a ton of potential customers walking around with the world at their fingertips. And guess what they’re searching for? Businesses just like yours. 

For home services businesses, a strong online game is a must—and showing up on a digital map is absolutely critical. It’s like waving a friendly “hello” and offering to help at the most crucial moment during the search journey.

What’s the best way to show up in local searches? We certainly hope that you are familiar with—and actively optimizing—your Google Business Profile, also known as GBP. (If you aren’t, you should be. Let’s talk!

Apple Business Connect, Apple’s newly enhanced answer to GBP, is very compelling. It‘s a free tool that makes it easy for your customers to find and connect with you on Apple Maps; all they have to do is click (or ask Siri).

Yes, we know, setting up another online profile seems about as exciting as doing taxes on a Friday night. But trust us—it can make a real difference!

Step 1: Account Settings

  1. Visit the Apple Business Connect website and sign in with your Apple ID. (You will be prompted to enter a two-factor authentication code as part of this process.)
    • If you don’t have an Apple ID, click “Create yours now.”
    • Once your new Apple ID is verified, you’ll be redirected back to Apple Business Connect.
  2. Choose your business type. The platform offers three different workflows, including:
    • Small Businesses (up to 24 locations or a franchise)
    • Enterprise (brands with 25+ locations)
    • Third-Party Partner (firms that manage listings on behalf of other companies) 
    • Depending on your business type, choose the best workflow to get started. (It’ll most likely be “Small Business.”)
  3. Click the box to agree to the Terms of Use.

Now it’s time to start setting up your Apple Business Connect profile.

Step 2: Claim Your Business on Apple Maps

Apple Business Profile Map
  1. Enter your business name into the search box. (Apple will approximate your business location based on your IP address.)
  2. If your business does not appear in the list, you can “Add a new location.”
    • Enter the location details.
    • If necessary, drag the map (or enter coordinates) if the pin is not hovering over the correct building.
    • Confirm the default language and display name are correct.
    • Search for and select your Primary Category. (Choose the closest fit in the list provided. You can add more categories later.)
    • Enter your business phone number and website in the fields provided.
    • Enter your hours.
    • Add your company details, i.e. legal company name, address, phone number, website and DUNS number. (If you only have one location, check the box to indicate the company details and location are the same.)
    • Check the box to confirm you have the legal authority to agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. If your business is already listed, you’ll be taken through several steps to confirm or modify prepopulated information.

Before moving on to the next step, double-check all the information you’ve provided is correct—accuracy is key!

Step 3: Verify Your Business Information

Apple Business Profile verification
  1. If you found your location during the previous step, you can verify it instantly with a phone call (or submit official documentation, which can take up to five days).
    • You will receive an automated phone call from Apple with a verification phone.
    • Enter the code to verify your business.
  2. If your business is new to Apple Maps (i.e. you had to go through the steps above to “Add a new location”), you must submit official documentation, which can take up to five days.
    • Examples of accepted documentation include a lease, insurance policy, or utility bill that shows the name and location of your business.
    • Complete the upload, and click “Done.” Once you hear back from Apple, you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Enhance Your Place Card

Apple Business Profile Place Card

With verification complete, you now have access to the Apple Business Connect dashboard, and it’s time to craft how your business is seen on Apple Maps.

Start under the “Info” section on the left sidebar. The more information you add, the more engaging it will be. (The first few items on this list are mandatory, others are optional—but highly suggested!)

  1. Header Photo and Logo: The “Place Card Header” consists of a “cover photo” and your logo. This is what customers see when they select your location. (If you have multiple locations, you can use a unique photo and logo for each location.)
    • Be advised that Apple reviews photos, so images may take up to three days to be published.
  2. Business Description: Provide an informative and captivating description of your business (using 500 characters or less).
  3. Location photos: We suggest uploading additional pictures to share what a customer can expect at your business; this can include exterior views, services, products, or even your adorable office dog!
    • You have the option to add captions and alt text to each picture. (If you aren’t familiar, alt text is a description for anyone that cannot view an image.)
    • Again, photos are subject to review. (See 1.a. above.)
  4. Hours: Add custom or holiday hours.
  5. Showcase: Create a lead-generation “Showcase;” it’s one of the best features of Apple Business Connect and an ideal way to highlight products, promotions, and events.
    • Provide the required headline, text, image, and call-to-action (CTA). Need help crafting a custom promotion for your Showcase? We do that! Contact EnvisionUP’s Digital Marketing team for enticing copy, well-crafted CTAs and business-boosting lead-generation forms.
    • Enter the start and end date. (A Showcase may run up to 30 days.)
    • Click “Send” to deliver your Showcase to Apple for review, which can take up to three days.
  6. App: Have an app that streamlines booking or ordering? Add your URL and the link will be displayed on your Place Card.
  7. Categories: Add secondary categories.
  8. “Good to Know” Attributes: Add useful facts about your business. This includes information like payment options, appointment requirements, accessibility features, etc. (The list of options will vary depending on your business type.)

There’s more to discover (plus, you can customize each location with unique details, photos and Showcases), so go ahead and explore the interface! If you happen to get lost, just navigate back to the main “Info” section or consult the official Apple Business Connect User Guide.

Step 5: Keep Your Profile Fresh and Connect with More Customers

Congratulations! You’ve successfully landed your business on the Apple Maps radar, and customers will know exactly where to find you.

But, please, don’t drop the baton now; you’ve got to stay in the race! It’s crucial to keep your profile optimized and current.

Here are some of our best tips:

  • Regularly update your business information to reflect any changes or promotions.
  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews—positive feedback goes a long way!
  • Create custom Showcases to attract new customers and boost sales.
  • Analyze your data! The “Insights” section of Apple Business Connect provides data tracking and analytics, allowing you to determine how well your Place Card is performing. (We can help ensure your local search stats look fantastic!)

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A Life Worth Celebrating

Ellie is a budding fashionista, an aspiring equestrian, and an avid dancer and gymnast. She also has a rare metabolic disorder, but she doesn’t let it define her.

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A Life Worth Celebrating

Ellie is a budding fashionista, an aspiring equestrian, and an avid dancer and gymnast. She also has a rare metabolic disorder, but she doesn’t let it define her.