The Challenge

Dynamic Closures have been one of North America’s leading side folding and overhead rolling security grilles and doors manufacturer since 1975.

Quickly building on their early success, Dynamic Closures expanded into the US, Europe, and Australia. Today the company has long-term partnerships with several high-profile retail chains and multinational door manufacturers, operating through a network of distributors throughout North America and around the world.

Dynamic Closures’ website was not reflecting the immense growth and global reach that it had developed. Any website should ideally be refreshed every 3-5 years, in order to stay current and maintain healthy SEO practices.

They housed lots of technical data and information that users were seeking out, and it needed to be easy to find.

While the company had good sales, it needed a website that could grow and scale with them—and most importantly, allow users to do their own research and become self-sufficient. 

The Solution

A vast, searchable resource library with clear categories and filters, presented with a sleek modern look and feel.

The site had a ton of resources and downloads, many of which were large CAD files. We created an easy-to-use library for all the resources Dynamic Closures provided. This included calculators, video galleries, F.A.Qs, and warranty information. We also created a dedicated page for historical and current downloads to live, and categorized them based on file type, product series, and model. 

Their distributor list needed to be easily searchable and organized by postal code/area, and products had to be filtered and searchable so that potential customers could do their own research before contacting Dynamic Closures. 

Finally, the refreshed site was optimized with new images, copywriting, and a clean, modern look that better reflected the current online environment. The navigation was simplified to allow users to intuitively discover the vast online resources.

The Results

162% more downloads, and a site that allows users to become self-sufficient.

A simplified navigation menu and homepage calls to action immediately steer users in the right direction. A fully searchable resource hub allows potential clients to do plenty of their own research before contacting the company.

The Results

We created a streamlined experience that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for. The amount of downloads shot up exponentially, along with leads, searches, and time spent on pages. The resource library being used as intended meant that Dynamic Closures no longer had to field calls from confused or frustrated users who couldn’t find what they wanted on the website; now, their time is better spent on customers who are already ready to do business with them.

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