It’s been a long five months. Your website designers have mapped out the perfect layout.

The content team has analyzed your user groups and writing killer copy that will definitely convert. Now is the day: website launch day. Your baby is finally ready to leave home!

You may have the keys to your new website, but you also have a problem. You have no style.

Now, I mean this in the nicest way! You can update content, but you can’t easily keep up the beautiful font styles your designer created for you, or even know when and how to use them.

Meet the solution: the style guide.

A style guide is a quick reference containing your available styles, so that you know when to use that larger black font, vs the small orange one. With a good style guide, you don’t even need to know the difference between  Helvetica and Arial, or what the hexadecimal code for mauve is. And best of all, the style guide is ready for you when you need it, in an easy to access dropdown menu on every page you edit in your website.

After all, as a content manager or web master / website owner, you have enough to worry about without learning HTML.

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