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Where would our web-marketing and design company be without its content marketing specialist and all-around SEO pro? I spoke with Jennifer Priest to learn a bit more about how she creates content and navigates the ever-changing world of online optimization.

Years of Experience and SEO Wisdom

Jennifer has spent most of her life learning, both in school and on the job. She started with an undergraduate degree in honours English, and followed it up with masters in project management. Before joining the SEO and content marketing industry in 2007, she worked as a project coordinator for a video game company.

Needless to say, she’s had plenty of experience with the online world, which she uses every day.

She Keeps On Top of SEO by Using Research

Jennifer’s job comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to SEO.

It’s become a lot more difficult to rank because everyone is working on their sites now, which means you have to manage expectations” Jennifer explains. “There are also things that will work for one site that won’t work for another, so you have to constantly adjust your strategy.”

Her short answer for overcoming these and other challenges? “Research. SEO is an open industry, and so are other aspects of online marketing. Luckily, there’s usually some else who has had the same problems, and you can draw on their experience to find solutions.”

Research is also how Jennifer stays on top of the latest changes in SEO, which happens often. “I read, read, read, read,” she says. “I also try things. We’re fortunate enough to be able to experiment and compare results across many websites, along with sticking to our SEO best practices.”

“It’s frustrating sometimes, because you can’t treat SEO like a machine,” Jennifer continues. “It’s not like a car where you can put in a replacement part and it’ll automatically work. You have to be constantly evolving.”

It’s About Creating Useful, Informative Content

Since SEO and marketing is constantly evolving, I asked Jennifer what her definition of content marketing is.

“To me, it means creating useful content that is informative and/or entertaining – but it isn’t directly involved in getting a sale,” Jennifer explains. “The purpose is to provide useful, valuable information to the client’s target market. You have to understand that market to make it work.”

Getting Great Results is the Most Satisfying Part of the Job

With so many different things on her plate, and so much experience under her belt, I was curious to know which part of the job was Jennifer’s favourite.

“I get the most satisfaction when we get great results for our clients. But I’ll never pass up the chance to write a blog post,” she says.

“I love the opportunity to learn something new about an industry through blog post writing. When you learn, your world gets that much bigger and more interesting,” Jennifer explains.

Blog posts are a big help towards increasing a website’s value, but according to Jennifer, “rewriting spammy pages about products and services, and replacing it with valuable, useful information,” is something that will help the most. “I’ve seen some of our most dramatic results this way.”

When not working tirelessly on behalf of our clients, Jennifer enjoys practicing her photography, working on home renovations, spending time with her awesome husband, and reading.


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