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It’s the people of EnvisionUP that make it the cutting-edge web marketing company it is, and as the newest team member, I wanted to learn more about them. I recently sat down with our customer experience expert Scott to talk about his job and what makes him tick.

Scott, a graduate of York University with a focus in technological studies, joined the EnvisionUP team almost 2 years ago, and was very intrigued with both the job and the company.

“When I finished university I was looking for a job position where I could put what I had learned from school and my past customer services positions into practice. The internet is always changing at such a fast rate, and this was something that really piqued my interest. I was excited to join a team that was always learning, and a company that had such a diverse portfolio of clients.”

Since joining the team, Scott has learned, and continues to learn, a lot about what it means to be a customer experience expert. “Every day is a different thing; no day is the same.” He is always thinking on his feet.

This is certainly true – I’ve noticed that Scott is always on the go. Whether he’s answering questions from clients, conducting helpful, in-depth training sessions, or writing about customer service on our blog, he rarely does the same thing twice in a day.

With so many moving parts to the job, Scott needs to be able to answer questions ranging from general inquiries to highly client-specific problems. Part of providing such competent, individualized service is staying on top of what’s happening in the technology and web marketing industries. He always has his eye on what’s new and what’s improved.

“I follow certain people on Twitter that I know are trusted experts. One of the greatest tools I use is Reddit. Reddit gives you the opportunity to subscribe to specific groups that will post updates from multiple sources. I have found the www.reddit.com/r/Wordpress/ subreddit to be particularly handy.” Some of the things he likes to read about include technology trends, and how tech companies handle their customer service.

While he likes staying up to date on the latest information, the best part of the job for Scott is when he can make a quick, positive change for a client. “When there’s a task or a problem and I can resolve it right there and then. They come to me, and I can finish it. It’s a great feeling.”

In fact, he told me that his favourite part of the job stemmed from one of his best experiences at work. “One of my most positive client interactions happened with a client who likes to joke around with me. He’s very friendly, and the entire process from start to finish was smooth, with no problems.”

I had to ask Scott one last question about being a customer experience expert: how he managed to be so happy all the time!

“The way I always stay calm is thinking about all of the times that I have been in a situation where I have had a bad customer experience. This always leaves a bad taste in my mouth after I am done dealing with a business.”

I completely agree – there’s nothing worse than dealing with someone unhelpful.

That isn’t how Scott wants anyone to feel after speaking with EnvisionUP. “My goal is to make it the most painless process for a client. When a client leaves happy, this is where I get my gratification.”

So whenever you’re in need of client support, or have a question to ask, chances are it will be Scott coming to your aid!

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