Many organizations have something great to offer but have difficulty getting people excited about it. “Enchantment” offers a complete road map for getting the world to fall in love with what you do.

Entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) has brilliantly synthesized what it takes to influence people while maintaining the highest possible ethics. In fact, Kawasaki insists that you cannot influence people unless you stick to the moral high ground. Be likable, be trustworthy, and always believe in your mission. These words are not empty cheerleading – Kawasaki gets into why and how in enough detail that you should be able to create enchantment about your cause, be it a product, a service, or anything else.

Kawasaki covers how to make yourself and your cause enchanting, how to get your cause off the ground, and how to overcome any initial public indifference or resistance to enchantment. He then takes you through using push technology (PowerPoint, Twitter, etc.), pull technology (websites, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to keep it moving forward. Making yourself enchanting to your employees and to your boss, and how to resist enchantment when you need to are also a part of the package.

“Enchantment” is highly readable, entertaining and endlessly inspiring. As a guide, it’s a must for anyone who is in any way on a mission, and wants others to make it their own.

Great Advice on Making the Magic Happen

  • “Great products, services, organizations, and ideas are enchanting. Crap is not. Preparing to enchant people requires creating something great…”
  • “Enchantment is a process, not an event.”
  • “90 percent of the battle is showing up. The other 90 percent is persevering after you show up.”
  • “Make it short, simple and swallowable.”

Great Ideas
Just a few of the social media general principles Kawasaki offers:

  • “Engage fast, engage many, engage often”.
  • On Twitter: “Repeat your tweets” – don’t assume your followers have seen the message on the first post, because they live in different time zones.
  • On self promotion – only self-promote 5% of the time. The rest should be spent providing informational content your followers are interested in, and talking to them about what they’re doing.
  • Providing intrinsic value in YouTube content comes in four forms, according to Greg Jarboe, and a mix of these will enchant:
    • Inspiration
    • Entertainment
    • Enlightenment
    • Educational
  • Use tools like StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg to share your site or blog content.
  • Enchant your employees by providing MAP:
    • Mastery: or the chance to get better at what they do
    • Autonomy: or the license to make their own decisions based on shared principles, and
    • Purpose: or meaning in what they do.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Guy Kawasaki’s book had ideas popping out of it like popcorn, including valuable ones he condensed from other sources so you get the whole picture. Here at Envision, we thought “Enchantment” was a great read and, well, absolutely enchanting!

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