Now that the holiday season is upon us, the Envision team has been coming up with ways to say “thank you” to our customers. Having studied Gary Vaynerchuk’s “The Thank You Economy”, we know that good old fashioned relationship building is not only good for business, but it makes work more meaningful – and more fun!

The odd thing is how many businesses still refuse to implement relationship building practices. We still run into the “take the money and run” far too often in stores that are probably still wondering why the client never returned.

Saying “thank you” should be a big part of your philosophy of delivering amazing customer service – the kind that gets you recommended to friends and family members, and talked about on social media. Remember that without your customers you wouldn’t be in business. Showing appreciation is one of the many ways in which business strategy and being nice go hand in hand.

There’s no rocket science to the art of giving sincere thanks. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time or money. It’s all about making the effort to do it.

Here are some ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

1. Send An Actual Thank You Card

Our mail boxes are full of ads and bills; you can really make someone’s day by sending a genuine handwritten card – just to say thanks for being a customer.

2. Offer a Discount, Reward, or Surprise Upgrade

Everyone loves a good deal, but it will mean more when it is given to show appreciation for the continued business the customer brings to you. Don’t tie it in to any promotion; just give them your heartfelt thanks and let them know about the discount or upgrade. It will be a pleasant surprise they won’t forget!

3. Send Your Customer a Lead

Your customers are often in business too. If you can help out by recommending them to someone or making an introduction, absolutely do it. Don’t forget to let them know if they weren’t directly involved – a quick email to wish them good luck closing the deal should be enough. Similarly, tipping them off about a competitor they may not be aware of will show them you’re on their side. This is especially impactful for marketing B2B companies and marketing non-profits and charities, where relationships with the company are integral to securing repeat or continued business.

4. Do a Random Act of Kindness – Just For Them

There doesn’t have to be a concrete reason; just do something because they’ve been good to you. Don’t forget to make it personal by tailoring it to their interests. Some ideas include a donation to their favourite charity website, a card with their favourite animal, team, or hobby on it, a gift basket with their favourite treats inside, a coffee gift card for the java junkie. The key thing is to show them you remember who they are, and that they are a unique person to you.

5. Throw a Party!

Who doesn’t love a good time with some great people and delicious eats? A customer appreciation party helps your clients put faces and personalities to names and voices. Don’t forget there will be networking opportunities galore— for both you and your customers.

6. Share the Love on Social Media

Make the time to send a special shout out their way – it will help stoke engagement for both of you.

7. Always Deliver Stellar Service

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow through on your commitments to your customers just because you’ve sent them a nice thank you. Live up to your promises, and keep them informed of any changes to what they can expect from you. Most importantly, always deal with any complaints quickly and with the aim of turning the dissatisfied customer into your biggest fan.

Give Because It Feels Good

Life gets more hectic all the time, and it seems that there’s so much going on that we forget that we’re all human, and we all want to be appreciated. Saying thank you to your clients isn’t just about reminding them that you’re waiting for more of their business. It’s about sharing the journey through life’s ups and downs. Spreading positive energy means more goodness for everyone. It only takes a moment to make a lasting connection.

I was reminded of this recently when I dropped off a gift basket to one of our favourite clients. His face lit up with a huge smile and he said, “you just made my day!”. I drove away feeling like a superstar, because making his day made my day too! It was an honest moment of appreciation that both of us left feeling connected.

And that’s what the holidays are all about, right?

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A Life Worth Celebrating

Ellie is a budding fashionista, an aspiring equestrian, and an avid dancer and gymnast. She also has a rare metabolic disorder, but she doesn’t let it define her.

Watch Ellie flourishing despite 3.

Watch Ellie flourishing despite 4.

A Life Worth Celebrating

Ellie is a budding fashionista, an aspiring equestrian, and an avid dancer and gymnast. She also has a rare metabolic disorder, but she doesn’t let it define her.