Todd had the pleasure of chatting with CRM (customer relationship management) guru Brent Leary, who was kind enough to offer his
When was the last time you received amazing customer service? Service that really made you say “wow!”? It doesn’t happen
The Icarus Deception
Here at Envision, we’re going through a bit of a renaissance, thanks in part to a number of stunningly inspirational
As the great Albert Einstein often mused “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
A frequent question I’ve had from many clients over the years has been “what is a good conversion rate?”. This
Most companies traditionally view their bottom line as a statistical or numerical value. They typically measure success based on quantitative
Since joining Envision in 2008, I've been witness to an email revolution. The days of dull, text-based emails have given
In our quest to make everything ‘better’ we sometimes manage to muddle up a perfectly good design or over complicate
Unhappy Customer
When you deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis, it’s always possible that somebody's just not going to
Every month the Envision team gets together to discuss an inspirational book we’ve read. Recently, we chose a thought provoking
Douglas Adams once stated that all major civilizations go through three distinct phases of development, characterized by the questions: “How
Cooking dinner is by far one of my favourite things to procrastinate on (second only to the exciting task of
How many times have you thought about doing something only to shoot yourself down with the old “I’m not good
content migration
You’ve decided it’s time for a new website. Your organization has outgrown the current website and making changes requires an
In the digital age many of us are inundated on a daily basis with requests for information. From mailing lists
Every morning while I’m getting ready for work, my two little boys get to watch some TV. My wife and
It happens to every organization: there comes a time when an old website becomes so out of date and disorganized
What did you do this morning? Chances are you ingested some caffeine, (hopefully) brushed your teeth, and set upon your
Is Your Website ROTten
Web content writing is never done. If you’ve been entertaining a “set it and forget it” mindset, it’s critical to
Ah, the Cloud, that serene place floating high in the sky that happily holds all our data, tracks our e-mails,
The Thank You Economy
If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is yet, you should. He’s the entrepreneur turned social media guru who was
Apple recently unveiled iOS 7 and it has the design community buzzing - in fact there will be hundreds of
As children, many of us had the joy of playing with the magical little multi-coloured plastic blocks commonly known as
A website is an essential business tool, but it can be even more powerful than we think. Instinctively, we always
I was meeting with a client recently and he mentioned that he was considering hiring a programmer from overseas to
Web Browsers all do the same thing right? How much different can Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome be from
Many organizations have something great to offer, but have difficulty getting people excited about it. “Enchantment” offers a complete road
Email newsletter campaigns are a fantastic way to stay connected with your customers. Many who have tried sending out newsletters
You've built a strong brand. Your office is professional, every piece of collateral you give to prospects is designed with
It's been a long five months. Your web site designers have mapped out the perfect layout. The content team has

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